Rolltemp II

For quick and easy screening of normal temperature perception
Rolltemp is designed for quick screening of temperature sensibility over large body areas. It uses two rollers on handles, one roller being warm and the other cold. Base units, where the rollers are placed in between investigations, charge the rollers with thermal energy to their predetermined temperature levels, 25 °C and 40 °C. With a normal skin temperature of 32 °C this corresponds to a temperature difference of -7 °C and +8 °C respectively. These temperatures are selected as relevant for screening between normal and abnormal temperature sensibility.

In normal use, the roller is removed from the base unit and rolled over the skin of the patient. The patient then determines the corresponding sensation and areas with normal/abnormal sensibility can rapidly be mapped out.

Rolltemp II
Rolltemp II
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Key application
• Quick screening of small fibre dysfunction over large body areas
• Quick examination of level of spinal damage in trauma patients
• Examination of level of spinal anaesthesia with respect to C- and A-δ-fibre mediated sensation
Key features
• Fixed thermal stimuli with high accuracy and repeatability
• Defined temperatures are reached within 10 minutes or less

Technical Specifications - Rolltemp II

Intended use
Screening for abnormal temperature sensibility. The stimuli are to be given on the intact skin of the investigated subject, by hand held rollers.

General information
Funktional Separate stainless steel rollers for investigation of warm (red) and cold (blue) sensation
Stimulation temperature red = 40°C blue = 25°C
Materials Roller: Stainless steel
Roller handle: PVC handle (one blue, one red), stainless steel spring and POM bearings for the roller
Base unit Case made of aluminum
Physical characteristics
Main unit 300 x 184 x 68 mm (W x D x H)
Main unit weight 2,2 kg
Handle area 15 x 125mm
Roller dimensions Diameter 25mm, Width 34mm, Skin Contact 4,1cm² (34*12mm)
Roller weight 0,110 kg
Total roller weight 0,150 kg
Environmental requirements
Temperature 18-27 degrees Celsius
Humidity 30-80% relative humidity, non condensing
Electrical requirements
Mains supply voltage 100-240 VAC
Frequency 47 - 63 Hz
Power < 60 W