A handy aid in diagnosis and follow up of pain in muscles and tendons
Independent studies indicate the importance of objective, quantitative, methods to evaluate pain sensibility in patients with fibromyalgia, tension headache and other muscle related problems. Using the ALGOMETER, the effects of physiotherapy, pharmacological treatments and other interventions can be followed and documented for clinical as well as research purposes. For the patient, the objective measurements give reassurance, confirming their improvement. For the pharmacological study, the quantitative measurement gives the required precision to properly determine and minimize sample size, while providing accurate data.

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Key application
• Determination of pain thresholds for pressure application in soft tissue, muscles and joints

Key features
• Monitoring of the force application rate facilitates the generation of repeatable results
• Probe tips of different size give the possibility to adapt the instrument to different testing sites.
• A dedicated Windows program that handles all set-ups and running of the MSA, as well as storage of the results in a standard Access databases, that facilitates the generation of various types of reports

Technical Specifications - Algometer

Intended use
Intended for investigation of deep tissue pain in muscle, tendeons and joints.

General information
Accuracy < 5% for measurements >100kPa
Included accessories
1 x Case
1 x Probe 0,5 cm²
1 x Probe 1 cm²
1 x Probe 2 cm²
1 x Battery pack
1 x Pinch handle
1 x Calibration weight

0-4000 kPa
0-2000 kPa
0-1000 kPa
Optional accessories
Probe 4 cm²
Patient Response Buttom
0-500 kPa
Physical characteristics
Length x Width X Depth 161 x 170 x 30 mm
Weight 460 g including batteries
Environmental requirements
Temperature 15-30 degrees Celsius
Humidity < 85% RH, non condensing
Electrical requirements
Voltage 6V =
Current consumption power on < 10 mA
Current consumption power off < 10 µA
Continuous operating time approx. 100 hours
Normal operating time approx. 5 months (at 1 h/day)
Battery pack, 1 pcs Somedic SenseLab spare part no. 20-010-0052