Aesthesiometer II

Quick evaluation of light touch sensibility
Maximilian von Frey showed already 1896 that the threshold for touch evoked sensations in humans can be determined by sequentially applying hairs of different diameters until the hair that just creates the requested sensation is found. One hair can also be used for screening purposes, to find if that particular hair - with its buckling force - produces a particular sensation or not. This can be used to study skin areas with normal as well as hyper- or hyposensitive areas.
We now launch a new version with benefical options such as replacability of the nylonfilament, rounded top of the filament to avoid sharpness sensation. A new material for the nylonfilament with less impact for humidity.

Aesthesiometer II
Aesthesiometer II
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Key application
• Evaluation of touch sensation thresholds in man
Key features
• High repeatability at a low prize
• Replaceability of filaments
• Rounded top for avoiding sharpness sensation

Technical Specifications - Aesthesiometer II

Intended use
Intended for the investigation of tactile sensibility thresholds.

General information
The new version of Aesthesiometer contains 7 handles and separate von Frey hairs. In this way, the hair can easily be replaced where there is a risk of spreading infections between patients through the contact with the von Frey hair. The hairs are supplied in protective sleeves, much like a syringe needle, and can easily be placed on the handle. The system with a replaceable hair makes it also more economical, as the von Frey hair will wear out over time and it is significantly less expensive to replace a hair, than a complete handle with hair.

Physical characteristics
Dimension of handle 8 x 8 x155 (mm)
Weight of handle 15 g

Hair (former hair number) Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Nominal force (g) Nominal force (mN)
Transparent (No. 5) 0,128 40 0,064 0,63
Brown (No. 7) 0,153 40 0,14 1,37
Orange (No. 8) 0,177 42 0,32 3,14
Blue (No. 11) 0,306 42 1,7 16,67
Black (No 13) 0,403 43 5,1 50,0
Green (No. 14) 0,409 33 8,3 81,4
Yellow (No. 16) 0,508 30 24 235,36